Yeronga Child Development Centre is an Australian Government approved childcare service and can accept Child Care Benefits (CCB) on your behalf for children in our care.  The percentage of benefit varies from family to family depending on the gross family income, the amount of hours you work and a number of other conditions. Grandparents who have child in care may be eligible for additional CCB. Full details can be obtained by visiting the Department of Human Services web page:


Families are required to lodge a form with Centrelink so that your eligibility may be assessed. Once approved, families need only pay the difference between full fees and the subsidy payable by the Government. However, until the Centre receives notification of a family’s assessment details, full fees are payable, which will later be credited back depending on the date from which the Childcare Benefit is applied.


The rebate covers 50 per cent of your out-of-pocket expenses (up to a maximum amount per child per year), when you claim Child Care Benefit for approved child care. Out-of-pocket expenses are the total of your child care fees less the amount of any Child Care Benefit or of any Jobs, Education and Training Child Care Fee Assistance you receive. There are eligibility requirements for receiving the rebate.

To be eligible for Child Care Rebate, you need to be assessed as being eligible for Child Care Benefit for approved child care, even if you are assessed at a zero rate.

You do not need to lodge a claim for Child Care Rebate. You will automatically be assessed when you claim Child Care Benefit for approved child care. This Rebate can be paid directly to the centre. Your account will be credited with the payment and you will only need to pay the outstanding gap amount.


JET Child Care Fee Assistance can help you meet the cost by paying some of the ‘gap fee’ not covered by Child Care Benefit for the hours of care you need for approved activities. JET Child Care Fee Assistance payments are made directly to the child care service on your behalf. You will still need to make a contribution toward the cost of care. Full details and conditions can be obtained from the following web page:


Information and application forms are available from Centrelink. You may phone through your details on 13 61 50.

Parents are required to pay fees at least two weeks in advance (i.e. One week as a bond and one week for the current week). 


The centre requires parents to give 2 weeks’ notice in writing if holidays are to be taken.  You are entitled to 2 weeks holiday per calendar year at a discounted rate, the days must be consecutive and the number of days allowed to be taken is to coincide with your current bookings.  A holiday fee of half your normal schedule fee excluding any Childcare benefits will be paid BEFORE going on holidays plus one week normal fee in advance. If the fee is not paid the centre will be unable to guarantee a position on your return date.


Once a child is enrolled, payment of fees must continue, even if the child is absent due to sickness or public holidays. If a child is away, please notify the centre first thing in the morning.


YERONGA CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTRE IS A LONG DAY CARE CENTRE, NOT AN OCCASIONAL CARE CENTRE. AS SUCH, WE ACCEPT EVERY ENROLMENT AS A PERMANENT BOOKING. This means that when your child is enrolled for a particular day/s, you are bound by that booking to pay for same, regardless of absence due to illness, public holidays etc.

Child Care Benefit can be paid in some situations if you are charged for child care when your child is absent. These absence rules also apply to Child Care Rebate and JET assistance.

Child Care Benefit is paid for each child for up to 42 absences per financial year from all approved child care services (not from each service). These absence days can be taken for any reason, with no evidence required.

Child Care Benefit is also paid for additional absences, beyond the 42 days, for certain reasons. There is no limit on these days, but supporting documentation may be required, for more details contact the Centre.

Child Care Benefit, Child Care Rebate, and JET Child Care Fee Assistance are not payable for absences if your child uses more than their 42 absence days for the financial year and does not meet the conditions for additional absences.